Notification to remove content

In order to submit the notification, you should confirm the following:
I verify that:
  • I am the infringed copyright owner or a person to whom the copyright owner has provided exclusive rights to use.
  • There are good reasons to believe that the use of the content, which is subject to copyright, is not allowed by the copyright owner, by their representatives or by the law.
  • This notification consists of credible information and if necessary, the claims can be proven by legally valid evidence.
  • I am aware that there might be adverse legal consequences in relation to false or malicious claim for copyright infringement.
  • I am aware that abuse of this instrument may result in approaching the respective authorities, according to their competencies to establish infringements and impose sanctions on persons who have declared false facts. Team

The Team also registers notifications sent to our headquarters on paper.

The Team assures you that our employees are monitoring round-the-clock for copyright infringements and abusive use of content.

In case of establishing an infringement, all adequate actions shall be taken to put it to an end. This may result in deleting the user account of the violator.