Terms of Service

Welcome to Vidozz!

Please, read carefully the following document. It contains the terms and conditions for access to our website www.struma.tv (the “Website”) and specifies the rules related to the use of our Services.

These terms refer to all users. It is therefore statutory that you read them before using our services.


We are the legal entity, which manages and administers the Website: Xenium OOD, with headquarters in Sofia, 84-86 “Al. Stamboliyski” Blvd., floor 14.

You are the physical person who has access to our services.

Service User means every individual, who has accepted these Terms of Service and its subsequent amendments, and uses the Services that we provide.

The Website Administrator renders technical support and maintenance of the platform for provision of the Services and is responsible for operations management.


Services - We provide our Users with a possibility to upload and share content in compliance with the announced restrictions on the essence of the Content.

Content - video clips, created by the Users themselves, or selected and uploaded to the Website by them for the purposes of sharing with other Users.


Vidozz Services are accessible to every User who has accepted these Terms of Service.


You can make a registration to use our Services by choosing one of the following:

  • completing the registration form on the Website by filling in data (your name and email) and setting a password;
  • through user profile in Facebook or other conditional access platforms;
  • using free access;

Acceptance of the Terms of Service

You can accept the Terms of Service by checking the “I agree with the Terms of Service” checkbox. Once you accept the Terms of Service, you can use our Services.


The User undertakes not to commit any actions, which present an unauthorized intervention in the computer programs ensuring the proper operation of the Website. In case of a breach of that rule, the Administrator shall immediately terminate your access to the Services (temporarily or permanently).

The User is responsible for the content, which they upload and share. Vidozz presumes that the content is of the User and undertakes to apply highest technical standards for storage and protection of Users’ files.

The User shall adhere to the following restrictions on the Content, which they upload:

  • it must not be defamatory, obscene, offensive, pornographic or otherwise illegal or immoral;
  • it must not incite to forcible change of the established constitutional regime;
  • it must not incite violence;
  • it must not contain illegal messages;
  • it must not be harmful for other Users’ equipment;
  • it must not be offensive to other Users;
  • it must not be spam;
  • it must not pursue any commercial purposes of the User or any third parties;
  • it must not infringe copyrights or other intellectual property rights of third parties;


The Services are accessible through the World Wide Web network via PDA, mobile networks and RSS broadcasting. Regardless of the technical mean and the type of access, these Terms of Service are of the same value and equally binding for the parties.

To use the services, the User shall have at their disposal adequate connection. Vidozz is not responsible, if the User is unable to use the Services due to a reason beyond our control. More detailed information about the use of the Services can be found in the “Help” section. Every user may pose questions related to the use of the Services via the e-mail, indicated in “Contact us” section.


We have the right to:

  • modify or amend the Services, or part of them, at any time. This right may be exercised without prior warning;
  • limit or terminate access to Services in case of unauthorized acts of the User;
  • delete, transfer or edit content, which is publicly accessible on the Website. This right may be exercised without prior warning;
  • terminate or limit the access of a User who infringes these Terms of Service;

Vidozz is not liable to Users for exercising the abovementioned rights.

  • the Services are affected by computer viruses or any programs and networks that hamper or interrupt the normal operation of the computer configurations and/or programs of the User;
  • damages have been caused on computer configurations, computer programs or communication devices, including data loss, which have occurred while searching, loading, using the Websites and/or the Services;
  • a third party uses the username and password of another User with or without their consent;
  • the User has not saved important information via other technical means.


The User who has initially uploaded a particular file, shall be fully responsible for its content and copyright.

Vidozz may take further actions, if complaint is received for copyright infringement or for upload of a file, which may be qualified as:

  • contrary to the principles of morality and decency;
  • containing violence (including cruelty to animals) or invoking to violence, humiliation of human dignity or threat to human life or physical integrity;
  • containing pornographic or explicit sexual content;
  • containing acts disrespecting the school rules, damaging or destructing school property or other public property;
  • containing distinct images of victims of traffic accidents or other serious incidents;
  • offensive to any religion or contains religious propaganda;
  • revealing commercial or official secret or other kind of confidential information;
  • subject to copyright of third parties, unless the copyright owner has given consent;
  • violating tangible or intangible rights or legitimate interests of third parties;
  • promoting discrimination based on sex, race, education, age, religion or preaching fascist, racial or other anti-democratic ideology;
  • harming reputation of other people or invoking to forcible change of the established constitutional order, committing of a crime, violence towards other people or inciting to racial, national, ethnic or religious feud;
  • containing information, inciting to terrorism or any information related to terrorism;
  • containing information about passwords or access rights of other Users without their consent, as well as software for access to such passwords or rights.

The User is fully responsible in case of copyright infringement. In case of a claim against Xenium OOD, the User shall be drawn as a party into litigation and owes compensation for all expenses (including legal fees), as far as User`s actions have is in immediate relation with the harmful effect on Xenium OOD, its partner(s), employee(s) and/or agent(s).

The User understands and accepts that the uploaded content may be removed, modified, amended, published, shared and/or broadcasted by the Website Administrators. The User therefore agrees to waive all the rights, which they may have in relation to the modification, amendment or removal of the content.


In case of a complaint, Vidozz may undertake the following actions:

  • removal of the User files, subject to the registered complaint;
  • limiting the access to the files by restricting visibility for other users;
  • reporting the illegal files to the respective authorities.


The User shall inform Vidozz about errors, technical or other problems, related to the use of the Services.

Vidozz reserves the right to unilaterally amend these Terms of Service and hereby agrees to inform the Users in timely manner, by undertaking appropriate notification actions. The Users shall be considered duly notified about the amendments, as of publishing on the Website. The amendments shall be binding for the Users as of their acceptance, as stipulated herein above..

Every User of the Services may give opinion on these Terms of Service via personal message sent to Vidozz.

The legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria shall apply to all issues which are not regulated by these Terms of Service.

In case any disputes occur, Vidozz and Users hereby agree to settle them voluntarily through appropriate agreement procedures. Where an agreement cannot be reached within 30 days as of occurrence of the dispute, the parties agree to bring it before the Court of Arbitration at the BCCI (Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry) for consideration and resolution according to the Rules of the latter.

These Terms of Service have been translated in English on 17.09.2015. In case of discrepancy between the two versions, the Bulgarian shall prevail.